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Our vision is to be a thriving student society at the forefront of global development.

Our Vision

In July 2020, we refreshed our brand in line with our vision to become a modern and attractive brand. This was the first step in our vision to develop the society.

Our Vision includes:

  • Making a considerable contribution to the local community through outreach projects and collaboration with local charities and organisations.

  • Ensuring the equality and inclusivity of all our student members through developing and expanding our LGBTQ+ and BAME networks.

  • Promoting Women in STEM by running related events in collaboration with other student societies at the University.

  • Minimising our environmental impact by reducing the volume of printed material and encouraging our members to reduce their waste.

  • Expanding our social media reach and continually assessing our platforms to ensure they are most appropriate for communicating to our student members.

  • Maintaining a positive relationship with the University of Bristol, Bristol SU and our other partners to maximise benefits to all parties from our activities.

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