We're here to support you both pastorally and academically. Find out what we have to offer and how you can get help!


Our family scheme is run exclusively to support first years. We group you with some second or third years and they can help with anything academic-related.


Each student is assigned a Personal Tutor when they join Bristol, and they stay with them for all three or four years of their degree.

They support you academically and also monitor your personal development. You can go to them at any time, and should be the first point of contact for any concerns.

PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions)

First year students have PASS once a week. This is run by second year students who were in your position last year!

It's a fantastic opportunity to get to know older students, ask academic questions and get help on the lecture material you're learning.

It's often more beneficial to get help from students who have just learnt it, rather than from academics who are great at lecturing, but didn't learn it themselves last year!

Check your timetable to see when your PASS is. It's optional, but we highly recommend it!


For more important concerns or academic support, you may wish to contact the Senior Tutor, John Crosby.

He's more than happy to chat to anyone for any academic or pastoral concerns, so drop him an email at if you'd like to.


Did you know each lecture course has an anonymous forum on the DLM?

Ask anything you like, anonymously, and the lecturer will aim to reply within 24 hours.