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We're the University of Bristol's student-led Chemistry society, here to provide our members with social events and pastoral and academic support

About Us

We continually thrive to achieve our best. In 2021, despite having a number of restrictions on what we could do, we were awarded Society of the Year for our efforts to provide an outstanding student experience!

Our membership mostly consists of undergraduate Chemists and Chemical Physicists at the University of Bristol, however we also run events for postgraduate students and staff at the School of Chemistry.

We have a Committee of Chemistry students including a President, Vice-President and Secretaries.

Our Vision is to continue to develop our society, undertaking new challenges and adapting to global development. We want to make a positive impact on our local community, and leave it better than how we found it.

We're committed to ensuring the equality of all our members, and we want to promote diversity.

Do you study Chemistry at the University of Bristol?

Interested in the School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol?

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