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Supporting our community is at the heart of everything we do. And that's not just our members. It's everyone.


We take extra care to ensure every individual in our community feels supported, included and welcome.

From our Equality Action Plan to our charity partnership, there are several ways in which we give back to the community.

Equality Action Plan

Our Equality Action Plan sets out how we promote diversity and ensure equality.

LGBTQ+ & BAME Networks

Our two networks provide supportive environments for these members of our community.

OTR Bristol

We've organised a fundraising partnership with OTR Bristol, a fantastic mental health charity for young people.

Non-drinking events

We know alcohol isn't everyone's thing, so we make sure a number of our events are specifically alcohol-free!


We work with Bristol ChemLabS to support schoolchildren preparing for their lives ahead.


We're keen to work with companies to provide mutual support in a variety of ways.

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