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Fusion welcomes new students to Bristol

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Congratulations and welcome to all our new first years joining the School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol! We're really excited to have you with us!

This year, we've created a video to showcase what Fusion is all about, and a dedicated webpage which contains everything you need to know, including how to join our society!

We run a number of awesome social events throughout the year, as well as guest lectures and more, in addition to our support programmes, such as our LGBTQ+ and BAME Networks. Together we are a welcoming and inclusive community, and we're always looking to improve.

Due to COVID-19, the majority will be online, but that doesn't stop us from putting on exciting events which you can enjoy from the comfort of your own room!

If you have any questions or suggestions for us, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.


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