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This project has now closed.

To take part in future projects please keep an eye on our social media and sign up to our newsletter.

  • 2-3 mins

  • About you, why you chose Chemistry and what your future plans are

  • Will be made available to schools and at Virtual Open Days in September

Please include the following...

  • Name with a picture of your head and shoulders.

  • Where you went to school/college

  • What your hobbies are (not all chemists are just chemistry geeks!)

  • What pre university qualifications e.g. A levels etc you have (with grades, if you want to show off).

  • Why you wanted to study chemistry

  • Why you chose Bristol for your first degree

  • Some info about your first degree (3/4 years, year abroad/ industrial year, chemistry with etc)

  • How is ‘normal’ university a different experience to school split as socially, lectures/workshops/tutorials and labs. [The sort of general info you are likely to want to know if you are still in school]

  • Where do you expect to go onto once you become a graduate chemist?


  1. Download PowerPoint template above and fill it in with information about yourself (don't overload the pages and feel free to add more slides!)

  2. Press Slide Show / Record Slide Show and on each slide, record yourself talking about all the points above. Should only be 2-3 mins.

  3. Once done, press File / Export and save in MP4 format.

  4. Upload your file here. (If that doesn't work, email it to

Any questions? Message Fusion on Facebook/Instagram @fusionchemsoc or email

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