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Our Annual General Meeting is the opportunity to reflect on our achievements this year and elect a new Committee to take Fusion forward.


Applications to join our Committee are open.

Our AGM will take place on Tuesday 29 March at 7pm.

Read about the various roles on offer below. The deadline to apply is 10pm on 1 April.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch via social media or email to

We'd be happy to chat.


15 March

Applications open

1 April 22:00

Applications close

29 March

AGM & voting commences


New Committee announced



The President has overall responsibility for Fusion and leads the Committee in every aspect of the society. The President must have strong leadership skills as well as being able to work with others effectively. They are also responsible for the long-term planning of the society.


The Vice-President has a position of leadership within Fusion, but not with as much responsibility as the President. They work with the President on all aspects of the society, helping make decisions and achieve Fusion’s goals. This general role is ideal for someone who would like variation and responsibility.


The Secretary role is a general position within the Committee, helping out with all aspects of the society. The tasks would be well-suited to someone with good organisational skills and a desire to get involved in several ways, without too much responsibility.


The Treasurer is responsible for Fusion’s finances, and helping out in other areas of the society where required. The role includes liaising with Bristol SU to manage transactions through the society. The Treasurer will also work closely with the External Relations Officer to write sponsorship contracts.

Social Secs

The two Social Secs have probably the most fun role, as they organise our regular social events, ensuring students have a great experience in Bristol. A lot of planning and preparation goes into each event to maximise student satisfaction and ensure everyone feels included. Some events should be alcohol-free.

Ball Secs

Fusion’s two Ball Secs have a lot of fun as they organise the two annual formals at Christmas and after Easter. At other points this role is fairly quiet, so becoming Ball Sec is ideal if you want to run two highly satisfying events, but don’t want a commitment throughout the entire year.

Equality Officer

The Equality Officer has a really important role in the society, which is to ensure every individual feels included and welcome. This means ensuring events are inclusive and that guest speakers are from a wide range of backgrounds. The role has oversight of the LGBTQ+ and BAME Networks.

Marketing & Comms Officer

A new role within the Committee, the Marketing & Communications Officer will be responsible for maintaining Fusion’s strong branding and communications primarily to students. If you are attentive to detail and like perfection then this role is ideal for you. No experience of the platforms required.

External Relations Officer

A new role this year, the External Relations Officer is focussed on our relationships outside of the University. This includes contacting sponsors, charities and other organisations, as well as inviting academics for our guest speaker events. The role could also include organising outreach activities alongside the School of Chemistry.