During the second lockdown we ran a series of challenges to keep our community busy!

The following three challenges lasted from 5 Nov to 2 Dec!

Who can run the furthest?

Simply run as far as you can, and join our Strava club so we can track you! 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

Don't forget to take some photos (tag us on your story @fusionchemsoc). If you don't have Strava, download it now! You can always enter your runs manually (no cheating!).

We'll update our leaderboard from time to time!

Who can take the best photo?

Track and trace the most picturesque spot in Bristol and snap it! Or maybe your photo will tell a story? Feel free to adjust the brightness and contrast, but any Photoshop editing will be frowned upon 😟.

Send us your best pics via social media, email or upload it here! The photo must be taken during lockdown.

Week 2 - Who can do the best impression?

Who will you pick? It needs to be someone we all know, of course... We have high expectations here!

Send in a short video or audio recording via social media or email.

The deadline for this challenge has passed.

Who can make the best film?

Here we're not looking for how good you are on Premiere Pro or Final Cut! Simply get your housemates together, film something interesting and you're done! It could be a quick TikTok or a longer movie (you may need to do a bit of editing, very simple though 😉).

Upload your video below or email it to us! The video must be made during lockdown.

Week 1 - Who can bake the best cake?

Let's see who's the next Mary Berry! Bake whatever you fancy (from scratch) and send us your photos via social media or email!

Look forward to seeing your baking creations!

The deadline for this challenge has passed.